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Why Your Cargo Insurance Should be With SGI Canada


With Cargo Secure, SGI CANADA decided to rethink cargo insurance. Most cargo insurance policies were created decades ago and haven't kept up with the changing needs of the trucking industry. Today, you can look after your business and your customer's interests without the restrictive fine print and insufficient coverage limits of days past.

Cargo Secure is focused on providing your trucking business with broad coverage. Unlike many other insurance products that only provide the minimum coverage required by law, Cargo Secure provides protection for the actual cash value of the load you are carrying.  This means in the event of a claim, the settlement is not limited to the standard $2 per pound.

How is Cargo Secure different?

SGI CANADA’s Cargo Secure is specifically designed to protect you and your customer with innovative, value-added features and coverage options. Here’s how:

Protecting your business

Broad coverage - This means covering as much as possible from the get go.

Fewer exclusions - We really are reducing the fine print.

Flexible deductibles - You decide how much a claim will cost you.

Experienced advisor - Your independent insurance broker provides friendly, professional and expert advise.

Protecting your customer

Efficient claims - Time is money. Cargo Secures provides fast, fair and efficient claim service.

Financially secure - No matter how big the claim, we have the financial stability to honour our obligations.

Qualified claim adjusters - Adjusters with years of experience are at the ready to treat you and your customer right.

Cargo Secure is the right insurance. It delivers peace of mind on time, every time.

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