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RSA - Manufacturing & Wholesale Insurance

Manufacturing & Wholesale Insurance

Our Manufacturing & Wholesale package is designed to meet the needs of most types of businesses with low to medium risk exposures within this industry.

Target classes

This package is designed for businesses that manufacture and assemble low- to medium-hazard products, and for wholesalers who buy merchandise and sell to retailers, trade contractors and other wholesalers, in any of the following areas:

Electrical and electronic equipment

Food and drinks



Metal products

Paper products

Printed goods

Textiles and clothing

Wood products

Miscellaneous products (arts, crafts, hobby, religious and non-critical auto products)



To be eligible for this package, the business may have:

  • Revenue of up to $5,000,000
  • Up to 10 locations
  • A maximum of 50% US sales (up to Hazard Category 3)

Package highlights

This package provides the same coverage as our standard Commercial Insurance package policy, and is enhanced with unique cover specific to manufacturing and wholesale businesses.



Product Withdrawal Expense Extension

$25,000 aggregate

Hoist Collision Extension

$25,000 aggregate

(excludes contents of hoist)

Brands and Labels Extension


Production Machine Inclusion


Accounts Receivable




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