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SGI Insurance - Auto Service Pak


You've built your business on peoples' obsession with their automobile - whether it's to take them to and from work or make them feel young again. You know eventually they'll need your services.

But whether you fill'em up, wash'em up or tune'em up, your business faces specific risks others don't. That's why SGI CANADA's AutoService Pak is comprehensive coverage in one package designed to protect your auto service business from damage to your buildings, its contents and loss of income.

Not sure if you qualify for AutoService Pak? Read about the eligible businesses or ask your broker.

Coverage features

In addition to the core property coverage and liability coverage highlights, here are some of the coverage features you'll find useful to your auto service business.

Building extension

Your business is unique. If you sell fuel, you'll have tanks (either above or below ground), pump islands and canopies, as well as other related property, like light fixtures, on your insured premises1. AutoService Pak extends coverage to all these items to protect your business from loss.

Business interruption due to third-party loss

If your business' activities are interrupted causing you an economic loss due to physical damage caused by an insured peril2 to the buildings, structures, machinery equipment or stock of a neighbouring business, with AutoService Pak you're covered.

This coverage includes damage by an insured peril to a supplier or recipient property that also causes an interruption to your business and subsequent economic loss.

Employee tools

If your employees have personal tools used to conduct business on the insured premises1, they're covered with AutoService Pak up to your chosen limit, providing the tools aren't already insured by the owner.

Fuel stock

AutoService Pak covers your business' stock of fuel at all locations listed on your policy cover page3 for their actual cost.

Replacement cost

In most cases, your buildings and equipment are covered for the cost to replace them, not their actual value. Your equipment will even be replaced with modern equivalents without factoring in depreciation - meaning your 15 year old air compressor will be replaced with a brand new, comparable model.

Have a green conscience? You can request energy-friendly replacements, too.

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  1. Your insured property or building as described in your policy. 
  2. Physical threats that could damage your insured premise, such as an impact with a land vehicle or aircraft, wind, hail, fire, lightning, explosion, smoke, vandalism or malicious act. See your policy wording for exact coverage. 
  3. The summary of your policy coverage you receive from your insurance company or broker at time of purchase or renewal.

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