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SGI Insurance - Office Pak


If your business runs primarily out of an office setting and your practise performs an intellectual service, then Office Pak is for you.

The hustle and bustle of a busy office means more people are in and out your door. And whether you're an accountant, a lawyer or a financial planner, you also have a lot of personal data in your possession. Its destruction could really put your entire business at risk.

That's why SGI CANADA's Office Pak is comprehensive coverage in one package designed to protect your business from damage to your buildings, its contents and loss of income.

Not sure if you qualify for Office Pak? Read about eligible businesses or ask your broker.

Coverage features

In addition to the core property coverage and liability coverage highlights, here are some of the coverage features you'll find useful to your business.

Accounts receivable

Do you typically have people who owe you money from month to month for goods or services you provide on account or credit? Would you know who they are and how much they owe you if your records were damaged, lost or destroyed?

With Office Pak, you're covered for the amount owed to you, including collection expenses or interest charges incurred, even if you can't say exactly how much it is.


If your office has a lobby or reception area, you might have a painting, sculpture or other work of fine art on display. Protect your investment with Office Pak coverage, up to a limit of $10,000, even when it's in transit or temporarily away from your insured premises1.


Have any improvements been done to the space you rent - such as upgraded flooring or light fixtures? If they are damaged, your Office Pak will cover the customized features - not just replace with the blank slate of the original space.

Loss assessment

If your office is located in a unit you own in a commercial condominium building, you're covered for any special assessments2 levied upon you by the condominium corporation for a direct loss to the collectively owned property by an insured peril3.

Property of customers/employees

If your customers or employees had property (other than tools) on your insured premises1 during a loss, your Office Pak will replace them providing you were in the care, custody and control of these items and they aren't otherwise insured by the owner.

Property in custody of sales representative

This covers items or product you have insured, whether in transit or otherwise, that are in the custody of a sales representative travelling or based within Canada or the United States.

Valuable papers and records

If you store, hold or retain valuable papers or records - like records, books, maps, films, drawings, deeds, abstracts or mortgages - for your clients at your insured premises1, Office Pak will pay for the reproduction, replacement or restoration of these written, printed or otherwise inscribed documents, up to your chosen limit.

This includes damage or destruction by an insured peril3 that occurs while the property is temporarily away from the premises, up to $5,000, or being moved or removed from a safe location due to an imminent danger or loss.

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  1. Your insured property or building as described in your policy. 
  2. A cost that you are deemed responsible for associated to losses in a common area of a building in which you are a tenant or co-owner. 
  3. Physical threats that could damage your insured premise, such as an impact with a land vehicle or aircraft, wind, hail, fire, lightning, explosion, smoke, vandalism or malicious act. See your policy wording for exact coverage. 

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