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SGI Insurance - Retail Pak


You live to sell. Your retail business is about providing quality merchandise to your valued customers at reasonable prices.

Though you like to control every detail when it comes to running your business, there are things you can't control. For those instances, there's Retail Pak.

SGI CANADA's Retail Pak is comprehensive coverage in one package designed to protect your retail business from the unexpected - like fire, theft or loss of business income due to product recall. It lets you focus on providing great customer service and keeping your business profitable.

Not sure if Retail Pak is right for you? Read the list of eligible businesses or ask your broker for details.

Coverage features

In addition to the core property coverage and liability coverage, here are some of the other coverage highlights you'll find beneficial to your retail business.

Accounts receivable

Do you typically have people who owe you money from month to month for goods you sell on account or credit? Would you know who they are and how much they owe you if your records were damaged, lost or destroyed?

With Retail Pak, you're covered for the amount owed to you, including collection expenses or interest charges incurred, even if you can't say exactly how much it is.

Business interruption due to third-party loss

If your business' activities are interrupted causing you an economic loss due to physical damage caused by an insured peril1 to the buildings, structures, machinery, equipment or stock of a neighbouring business, with Retail Pak you're covered.

This coverage includes damage by an insured peril to a supplier or recipient property that also causes an interruption to your business and subsequent economic loss.

Equipment breakdown and spoilage

If an equipment breakdown occurs in your business, not only is the affected equipment covered, so is any loss of perishable items that spoil or are contaminated as a result of the breakdown.

Peak season increase

Suffer a loss in the middle of your peak business season? With Retail Pak, your insurance is automatically increased by 25% to provide for seasonal variations, provided the amount of insurance you've purchased is 100% or more of your average monthly values.

Retail product recalls

Whether you sell a single consumer product or a store full, if the product's manufacturer recalls it, or one of its components, from the marketplace due to defect, criminal activity or because its use or consumption has resulted in bodily harm or property damage, Retail Pak has you covered.

You're covered for any loss of business income related to the recalled product for 60 consecutive days before or after (or some combination therein) of the initial product recall.

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  1. Physical threats that could damage your insured premise, such as fire, lightning, explosion, wind, hail, impact by aircraft or land vehicle, vandalism or malicious acts. See your policy wording for exact coverage. 

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