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SGI Insurance - Restuarant Pak


As a restaurateur, you know the ingredients for a successful food service business.

Good food. Good service. Good prices.

And just like you'd season a dish to taste, your insurance policy must be a complimentary ingredient within a successful business recipe. It shouldn't seem like a last minute addition.

That's why SGI CANADA's Restaurant Pak is comprehensive coverage in one package specifically designed to protect your food service business from damage to your buildings, its contents and loss of income.

Not sure if you qualify? Read about eligible businesses and exemptions or ask your broker for advice.

Coverage features

In addition to the core property coverage and liability coverage highlights, here are some of the coverage features you'll find useful to your food service business.


If your restaurant has paintings, sculptures or other works of fine art on display for ambiance or even consignment, then protect it with Restaurant Pak coverage, up to a limit of $10,000. Your artwork is even covered when it's in transit or temporarily away from your insured premises1.

Business interruption due to third-party loss

If your business' activities are interrupted causing you an economic loss due to physical damage caused by an insured peril2 to the buildings, structures, machinery equipment or stock of a neighbouring business, with Restaurant Pak you're covered.

This coverage includes damage by an insured peril to a supplier or recipient property that also causes an interruption to your business and subsequent economic loss.

Coat check room

If your establishment has a dedicated and supervised coat room, Restaurant Pak will cover the contents of apparel and other property left in your care by customers provided the disappearance is not mysterious or a result of improper tagging or dispensing. If the loss is due to theft rather than an insured peril2, the incident must be reported to the police.

Equipment breakdown and spoilage

If an equipment breakdown occurs in your business, not only is the affected equipment covered, so is any loss of perishable items that spoil or are contaminated as a result of the breakdown.

Food contamination

If your business suffers loss due to the discovery, or suspicion, of food contamination, Restaurant Pak will pay for:

  • the cleaning of your equipment
  • replacement of the food products in question
  • any necessary medical tests or vaccinations for employees
  • your loss of business income
  • advertising expenses incurred to restore your reputation

This coverage excludes the payment of fines or penalties related to the contamination.

Peak season increase

Suffer a loss in the middle of your peak business season? With Restaurant Pak, your insurance is automatically increased by 25% to provide for seasonal variations, provided the amount of insurance you've purchased is 100% or more of your average monthly values.


If plain-Jane wine glasses and run-of-the-mill cutlery just won't cut it, Restaurant Pak will replace your classy silverware and stemware with equivalents, up to a maximum of $10,000. If you're a caterer, you're even covered if they're temporarily away from your insured premises.

Wine and spirits

Don't let your bar profits get watered down. With Restaurant Pak, if your suffer a loss related to your stock of bottled wine or spirits you will be compensated for the price for which it could have been sold in individual servings - not just for the cost of replacing the bottle.

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  1. Your insured property or building as described in your policy. 
  2. Physical threats that could damage your insured premise, such as an impact with a land vehicle or aircraft, wind, hail, fire, lightning, explosion, smoke, vandalism or malicious act. See your policy wording for exact coverage.

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