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SGI Insurance - Deductibles

Choosing the right deductible for your business’ auto insurance can be a difficult process. Do you want a deductible that makes an accident more affordable or one that decreases your premium payments? And you must take into consideration who will be driving the business vehicle and what it might be carrying.

The first step is ensuring you know what a deductible is and how it affects your policy.

What is a deductible?

Your deductible is the portion of the claim you must pay before your insurance policy kicks in to pay for the rest.

In Alberta, the standard auto deductible offered by most insurers is $500 for collision coverage and $250 for comprehensive coverage.

The typical vehicle damage sustained in even a minor collision will usually cost more than these amounts. But some won't. This means if you make a claim and the cost is less than your deductible, your business could end up paying for the entire repair out of pocket.

Deductible options

With an SGI CANADA auto policy, you have the option of choosing a lower deductible so you pay less when you have a claim or a higher deductible so you pay a lower premium up front.

The choice is yours.

You should discuss your business' insurance needs and deductible options with your broker before making a decision.

Waive your deductible

Under certain circumstances, you may not have to pay your deductible when you make a claim when you have an auto policy. This is called waiving your deductible.

Fire, lightning and theft

Your deductible is waived for damage due to fire, lightning or theft of the entire vehicle, if you have comprehensive coverage.

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How a broker can help

More than 200 companies provide insurance to consumers in Canada, each offering its own unique coverage and expertise. It can be frustrating and confusing to compare different insurance products on your own.

An independent insurance broker is your best ally. They do the legwork to find you the best insurance coverage at a price you can afford and at no additional cost to you as they are paid by the insurance companies.