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CFC Underwriting - Tech Company Insurance


We recognize that technology companies are different from traditional professionals. In many areas the legal landscape has yet to mature and this poses unique risks for ever-evolving technology. Cutting edge tech products and the companies which produce and develop them should be able to rely on equally innovative legal frameworks as well as insurance protection. That’s where we come in. Our policy has been designed with the unique position of technology companies in mind, providing broad, specialist cover for technology businesses of all sizes.


Claims can quickly spiral out of control and incur a significant cost to the business or individual. That’s why our policy includes reimbursement of costs incurred to help reduce or avoid a claim, as well as the payment of fees withheld by an aggrieved client if this mitigates a potentially larger claim.


Our policy is designed to be as broad and comprehensive as possible, so there are no exclusions for civil fines and penalties, project delays, third party defects or bugs post acceptance. We also do not include any definitions of technology activities which would restrict cover.


Our policy covers the legal costs of defending a claim alleging an infringement of another’s intellectual property rights such as allegations of copyright or trademark infringement, as well as any damages, settlements and counterclaims associated with the claim. Our policy will also cover the legal costs of claims that seek non-compensatory relief such as injunctions.


Our comprehensive cover takes into account the risks faced by modern businesses by providing protection against a wide variety of cyber attacks and data loss scenarios. It extends to loss or breach of data held in a cloud as well as hack attack on third parties emanating from your computers systems.


Clear, unambiguous cover for breach of a client contract. We will pay all sums which you become legally obliged to pay as a result of any claim by a client made against you – including liability for claimants’ costs and expenses.


With businesses increasingly operating on a global scale, modern tech professionals work in a variety of legal contexts and need comprehensive cover. That’s why our policy includes cover for suits brought anywhere in the world as standard. We also offer full civil liability coverage and cover for punitive and exemplary damages where allowed by law.

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How a broker can help

More than 200 companies provide insurance to consumers in Canada, each offering its own unique coverage and expertise. It can be frustrating and confusing to compare different insurance products on your own.

An independent insurance broker is your best ally. They do the legwork to find you the best insurance coverage at a price you can afford and at no additional cost to you as they are paid by the insurance companies.